About Us


Building Ideal Life through Best Friendship


Our Mission is to conduct Seminars, Training programmes and work shops by creating friendship in order to have Gender Equity and Human nature in the entire area of the Community.
Carrying out social welfare programmes for the Persons who are imprisoned due to war, political and different reasons also take necessary steps to absorb them in to the society. Identitify the relevant development works which are essential to have human nature and culture and implement them among the people. Implementing livelihood programmes for Disabled, Widows, Orphan Children, victims of natural disasters and riots, also for people who are in special needs. 


1. Name of the organization    : World Friends In Need (WFN)

2. Contact person                     : Mr.A.Kangatharan (  Chief Director  )
                                                     World Friends in Need
                                                      No : 02, 7th Lane, Kallady-Veloor, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
                                                      Email : kangatharan@gmail.com
                                                      Skype : kangatharan3
                                                      Mobile : +94 773 117517

3. Head Office                         * Address : No: 02, 7th Lane, Kallady-Veloor, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
                                                 * Phone : +94 65 2227692
                                                 * Fax : + 94 65 2227692

Project Office                         • Address : Vipulananda Road, Kallady-Uppodai, Batticaloa
                                                 • Phone : +94 65 2224825
                                                 • E-Mail : wfncsl@gmail.com
                                                 • Web : www.wfncsl.com

Executive Directors                  1. Mr.A.Kangatharan - Chief Director
                                                    2. Mrs.K.Vadivel - Director
                                                    3. Mr.J.A.Uthajaraj - Director

Board of Directors                    1. Mr.A.Kangatharan - Director (President)
                                                    2. Mrs.K.Vadivel - Director (Secretary)
                                                    3. Mr.J,A.Uthajaraj - Director (Treasurer)
                                                    4. Mr.K.Goneshwaran - Director (Vice President)
                                                    5. Mrs.M.Kugathasan - Director
                                                    6. Mr.N.Vishnukanthan - Director
                                                    7. Mrs.J.Ragu   - Director

Staff                                           > Project manager : 01
                                                   > Project Coordinator : 04
                                                   > Project Officer : 04
                                                   > Finance Manager : 01
                                                   > Administrative officer : 01
                                                   > Admin and Finance Officer : 04
                                                   > Community Mobilizes : 24 (volunteers)

Bank Details                             Name            : World Friends In Need (W F N)
                                                   Bank             : Bank of Ceylon
                                                   Branch          : Kallady
                                                   Account No  : 0072844732
                                                   Currency       : Sri Lankan Rupees - LKR
                                                   SWIFT code : BCEYLKLX

Organization Background:

         WFN Organization is a Non Governmental Social Service Organization. Since Rev.Fr.Dr.John Jeyamh intended to inaugurate an Organization in order to develop livelihood of all people living under poverty and to assist them in distress. Also to bring all peoples of the entire world to bring under on Umbrella, this organization was established by Rev.Nagularasa James according to the advice of Rev.Fr.Dr.John Jeyamh. This NGO has been registered under act of Non Governmental Organization (Registration & Supervision) Act, No: 31 of 1980 as amended by Act, No: 8 of 1998 on 7th September 2011 in the District of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Project Implemented 

1. Livelihood and Education urgent assistance for the peoples displaced due to inland war and war   
    affected Students.

2. Immediate assistance for the Prisoners detained on suspicion in the prisons of Sri Lanka and
    assistance for the respective families of the Detainees.

3. Maintaining a Home of Disable for disable persons who effected by the civil  war, under project of    “Emergency Relief project for Disable”.

4. Counseling assistance for war effected peoples (North & East)

Future Plans

1. Give priority for the projects required to enhance livelihood specially for the persons of special needs, Disabled, Orphanage Children and Widows who were affected by the war in the North and East part of Sri Lanka

2. Identify ways and means to create gender equity, and to protect abusements against children and women

3. Conducting Training programmes to develop home productivity.

4. Conducting skills development programmes for unemployed youths in Island wide in Sri Lanka

5. Expedite our projects by enrolling more members (World Friends Member) for our organization by creating members in Sri Lanka and other countries.